How to Make Jam?

Jam is one of the most traditional products of Catalan cuisine and one of the most popular preserves in the world. At Fruita Blanch, we are manufacturers of artisanal jams from Lleida and today, we want to explain how we make this exquisite product.

The first step in making jam is to choose the fruits. At Fruita Blanch, we only use the best fruits from the Lleida region. This way, we can guarantee a quality product and a unique taste. Once the fruits are chosen, we clean and cut them into small pieces. Then, we put them in a pot and add sugar. The proportion of sugar depends on the type of fruit we use, but generally, we use an amount of sugar equivalent to the weight of the fruits.

After putting the fruits and sugar in the pot, we put them on low heat and begin stirring. It is important to stir constantly to prevent the fruits from burning in the pot. The cooking should be gentle and gradual, so that the fruits release their water and the jam has the appropriate texture.

When the jam is ready, we let it cool slightly and put it in sterile glass jars. Once closed, the jars are put in a water bath for a few minutes to ensure that they are well sealed and that the jam is well preserved.

At Fruita Blanch, we make different flavors of jam, such as apple jam, plum jam, strawberry jam, fig jam, and many others. Each fruit has its cooking time and properties, which makes each jam unique and different.

Apple jam is a classic and perfect for accompanying toast or for making desserts and cakes. Plum jam, on the other hand, is ideal for accompanying meat dishes or cheeses. Strawberry jam is perfect for accompanying yogurts or for making desserts. And fig jam, with its soft texture and sweet taste, is ideal for accompanying cheeses and toast.

In summary, jam is an exquisite and healthy product that can be made with many types of fruits. At Fruita Blanch, we follow the family tradition and make artisanal jams with the best fruits from Lleida. We hope that this article has taught you how to make jam and that you will be encouraged to make your own homemade jam with seasonal fruits.